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Over 2.5 Hours of step-by-step video guidance along with 6 weeks of daily activities for you to step into the secure, grounded Soul you are here to be!
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  Pillar 1: The Foundation
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  Pillar 2: The Root Chakra
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  Pillar 3: Detox & Colors
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  Pillar 4: Sounds
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  Pillar 5: Spiritual Tools
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  Pillar 6: The Agreements & Laws
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Your Root Chakra needs healing, aligning and activating if you answer YES to any of the questions below.

1) Do you feel insecure with who you are when you show up as your authentic self?

2) Are you holding onto regret and mistakes from the past?

3) Do you struggle with anxiety?

4) Do you suffer from issues with the lower back, hips and/or legs?

5) Do you struggle with finances or manifesting your desires easily?

Find Clarity, Empowerment and Self-Trust as You

Move Through this Self-Paced Course

Add On Private Healing Sessions

Gain additional perspective, insights and answers to your spiritual questions as you move through the Root Chakra Healing Program.

Sessions are private, held over Zoom for an hour each month.

Billed monthly on a subscription. Cancel any time, no questions asked.
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"Thinking will not overcome fear, but action will."

W. Clement Stone


Hi, I'm Lindsay, your Coach & Energy Healer

It all began in 2019, and I have been following the guidance ever since.  

I experienced an awakening followed by an unexpected Kundalini rising. After the Kundalini rose up my spine, I moved through a fairly easy Dark Knight of the Soul only to find myself stuck in an energetic loop (the Void) for almost 2 years after. 

In 2020, my father's illness sparked my desire to tap into my healing gifts, but his Soul had bigger plans. One would assume that his death would have been a large enough catalyst for me to pursue my healing journey, but I was still learning. It wasn't until 2.5 months later that I met an angel upon waking from a near-death experience which traumatically activated my heart chakra, that I realized my calling. After that moment, I knew I must follow my calling for my Soul to fulfill her mission. My clairaudient power was activated that day, and I have been helping beautiful people around the world heal ever since. 

All of these experiences have led me here to serve you in my highest truth and compassion for the highest good of all. You have landed here for a reason. Your Soul is speaking to you.  It is my wish for you to find the peace, fulfillment and joy you are searching for. 

Let's step into your energetic power to fulfill your dreams and destiny together.

Love and light, Beautiful Soul.

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